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Our vision is to create a magical place. A place where mind and spirit come together. Where YOU relax, ground yourself and have time to figure out your life. Modern B&B, organic gardens and winery, yoga studio and outdoor art gallery.  You will enjoy all your senses: organic food, amazing art, wine aromas, luxurious linen textures, music of silence... and if that is not enough you are around the corner from  one of the top treasures USA has to offer: Yosemite. 

The Start

We are a very lucky couple with absolutely different backgrounds that got extremely fortunate to meet in San Francisco. And as it goes, as you might already know, life priorities change once you bring new life to the world. Suddenly professional careers, quick take out food and constant events didn't mean as much any longer and suddenly you find yourself wandering what your priorities are. 

The dots

Famous "Connect the dots" speech by Steve Jobs applies to anybody as much as it applies to us. The thing is that you can only figure your dots out from a perspective of time. Although we have our front runners for the dots:

  • Friend Doris with her great passion for retreats;
  • Friend Monika's passion for a Paleo lifestyle;
  • Friend Hisun's passion for yoga;
  • Friend Julia brainstorming design sessions;
  • Friend Ronnie always staying in a fabulous shape;
  • Friend Margaret always cooking organic food;
  • Reading Autobiography of Yogi as well as many other spiritual and motivetianal literature;
  • Our small retirement home that happened to be next door to organic farm and in a wine country;
  • Trips to fantastic retreats;
  • 5,000 mile jaurnoy to national parks across USA;
  • Visit to Vivekananda Ashram.

 So here we are in 2013 looking at the perfect place... 71 acre Mariposa farm.

To Be Continued... View the Blog

Our Blog

The journey of a Polish woman, Indian man and an American Beauty to creating a retreat, organic farm and winery and garden art studio. Please cheer for us and we hope you will enjoy reading about our adventure.

Our Vision